• 10/05/2020

What Should you do?

The novel coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, but economically, it’s been especially brutal for women.Since the start of the luckdown ,alot of enterprises have laid off workers and shut down their doors due to financial constraints

Women still typically bear the burden of childcare-homeschooling and even when the economy does recover,women will typically spend more time looking for new jobs, and the jobs we often find generally pay less or women are exploited and promised what they don’t get. The future of women in the workplace is at great risk, but we will not settle for it.

As a woman,this is a time to learn something new.learn to use your hands to feed your mouth and others.Ask Questions.Try a new trade,do not wait for the Corona virus to be over ,what if it take more time than we anticipate to be get a cure? Respect the rules but help yourself.

Think out of the box.There is alot Women can do, Don’t just get lazy. Do that which you can .Yes I know you can .

Partner and volunteer with us for women empowerment.

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