• 10/05/2020

Riches and wealth is not based on how much is floating in your account but on how many lives you have changed.

We have to start thinking and implementing sustainable goals that can boost the economy of our communities in particular and the global economy as a whole.

After taking a critical look on the negative implications of chemicals such as herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and many others, you will realise that not only the human family but also the entire fauna (animal), Flora (plant) and the global environment is severely affected adversely.

The need to extend the solar project to other regions of Cameroon is especially urgent in the Northwest and Southwest regions, which have been plagued by conflict and power outages in recent years, especially Bamenda the cosmopolitan city in the Northwest Region of the country. The region has abundant solar resources, and the development of solar power plants could help to improve energy access and reliability for residents and businesses.

How can we do away with this? I propose we should look to the peasant farming system which was practiced by our grandparents, compare their life expectancy with the one nowadays. Farming was naturally done, the healthy yield obtained, and little or no health complications despite the fact that women were being put to birth in their homes, they very much relay on natural herbs for treatment yet life was enjoyable. It is well known that civilization is the wind of change but it doesn’t mean that we should do away with things that can bring about positive implications in the global economy.

Why are we heartless, we should stop being selfish, destroying our environment is indirectly killing our own selves. This may be as a result of negligence or selfishness especially when we know what to do and we practice the vice. Let’s contribute to developmental activities across the globe. We can’t accomplish this alone. Volunteer and Partner with us to create a sustainable world for all Sustainable. Organic. Africa.

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