• 28/12/2019

A legacy to promote

Hello dear friends of Mbiame New Vision

It’s been a while I read your letters. Just thought I call your attention to some issues about the Christmas holiday.

I was chatting with a pregnant teenager, whose pregnancy is almost due delivery and after our discussions I kept on thinking about other girls. She is 16. She went out with her causins and friends to celebrate Easter Sunday in a night club. where she meet this guy who told her,he loved her and they drank themselves till they got drunk. What she can remember after the dancing that night ,is that she woke up in this guy’s room the next day. He simply gave her taxi money and asked her to go home fast.
A few weeks after, this girl missed her period, it’s been almost 9months now. She us pregnant and this guy had long disappeared into thin air.

My dear girls listen; your parents, family or friends may not have taught you about being careful with your life but, some may have said it and you refused to listen. let me advice you.

A lot of girls are lost following the crowd. Stop following what your brothers and sister have been doing and going Scot free. Don’t be naïve. Who tells you that Christmas can only be celebrated in bars, night clubs, and other private places? The moment you will regret this, you will be alone and may never like to celebrate again.

By September next year maternity wards of hospital will be full with Christmas babies. Take my word or leave it.

The guys who loved you so much on Christmas and New year day will be loving another girl in another city next year.

He will be in school and his family will love and support him to succeed and yours will insult, reject and hate you for disappointing them.

He will work and travel and have fun,you will be tied in one Conner struggling to nurse a fatherless child and talking to the win. I wonder who will hear you out then.

You will ring his phone and he will ask you if he raped you, if you did not willingly accept and followed him to his room, you will hate him and his words but he will live on.

You will struggle to catch up with alot of things in life and nothing, not even that innocent baby will stop this guy from getting to the next level in life while you mark time. Even if he remembers you, he will see you as one careless, desperate begger.

You will be tempted to think of committing an abortion whose consequences are more than you can count.its your life, you will chose to keep it or use your hands to distroy it.

Many will stigmatise you as a single mother and call you ” mami pickin at your age” and you will not feel comfortable with your mates who have no child and can do so much that you cannot do because of the child.

Woe betide you if your parents are not loving and welcoming,you will regret alot of things as you will watch the world reject and stand against you.

May God help you against a Sexualy transmitted infection or desease, you may have to live the rest of your life on drugs or treating an illness. God forbid.

My dear girls we all have our own challenges that we face and we can always get help if we ask for it. stop doing what you see others do. You can have friends but let someone guide you to have good friends.

Many girls don’t know how to calculate their menstrual cycles, it’s a pity. this is what every woman of Menstruation age , should master to their finger tips.but most girls take it for granted.

Don’t let the freedom you enjoy this Christmas imprison you for 9monyhs and more.its a festive season of reunion.and everyone wants to reunite and visit and revisit espercially those they are dating.Be careful what happens between the two of you by yourselves.

I will be meeting you all my girls not long from now.For now ,a word to a wise girl is sufficient to guide her against careless Christmas and New year excitement.

Dear Boys and men.Control your urge and the uncultured attitude of your Mr P.you may go free but your conscience will always carry a stain.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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